Moroccan Carrot Soup

Creamy Moroccan Carrot Soup With Cashew Sour Cream and Salad

Moroccan foods stem from many¬†cultural influences; Arabs, Jews, and Christian cultures have all impacted the foods of Morocco. The area is rich in spices and ingredients and led me to create¬†an entire party around it (soon I’ll post all of Continue reading

Ginger Carrot Daikon Kimchi

Quart of Ginger Carrot Kimchi With Fresh Alfalfa Sprouts

Fermented foods have amazing healing power on the intestinal health of your gut. Yup! I’m talking gut health! For millennia, Asian and European cultures fermented foods to extend seasonal harvests. Fermented foods also help to re-establish proper balance of microbial Continue reading

Cabbage Soup

Bowls of Cabbage Soup

Cabbage-it’s rich in tradition. Eastern European and Irish traditions alike use cabbage in a number of dishes. Why? Cabbage is easy to grow and to store. It lasts a while when wrapped up properly, is inexpensive, and can feed a Continue reading

Seed Starting: Beginning Your Garden Indoors

Keep a Gardening Journal

Have you wanted to grow a garden from seed? Well now is the time for a bunch of your seeds to get growing! Tomatoes, broccoli, eggplant, cauliflower, peppers, herbs, Brussels sprouts, and leeks should all be started now. Other plants Continue reading

Mock Mushroom Barley Soup

Up Close Bowl of Mock Mushroom Barley Soup

I love barley soup. Problem-I can’t eat it anymore because barley contains gluten and gluten is a no-go for me. So….I had been meaning to try out a replacement for barley. I have landed with oat groats! Oh my, why Continue reading